Einkenni raddveilna samkvæmt VAS.

Overall voice quality Definition

Vocal fatigue Monopitched, tensed, breathy and hoarse voice (Colton and Casper, 1990).

Breathiness Audible escape of air through the glottis due to insufficient glottal closure (Hammarberg, 1992).

Strainedness Voice sounds strained as if the vocal folds are compressed during phonation (Hammarberg, 1992).

Asthenity A high-pitched female-like weak voice (Isshiki, 1969).

Cloudiness Possibly a perceptual sign of laryngitis or vocal fatigue. Damped, not clear voice. Poor condition of voice.

Clarity Opposite to cloudiness: a clear and audible voice. Good condition of the voice.

Vocal fry Low-frequency periodic vibration (Hammarberg,1992).

Voice breaks Intermittent frequency breaks (Hammarberg, 1992).

Throat clearing

Pitch The chief auditory correlation of fundamental frequency (Hammarberg, 1992).

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